Getting Medicare? Two Reasons To Choose An Advantage Plan

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If you are on the verge of turning 65 years old or have recently been diagnosed with certain disabilities, you have likely become eligible for Medicare. Medicare is a federally sponsored insurance program that can be a huge help if you are no longer receiving medical benefits through an employer. Along with Original Medicare, which includes Parts A & B, you now have the option to bulk up your insurance with an Advantage plan.

13 December 2021

Why Do You Need SR-22 Insurance?

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When the state requires that you purchase SR-22 insurance, they will send you a letter. You might also receive notification from the court. In any case, you might wonder why you need this insurance type. You might need it for one of many common reasons, but if you need it, you must get it. Not purchasing it by the deadline can result in further consequences. Here are several things to know about why you might need SR-22 insurance after you find out you need it.

9 November 2021

7 Pieces Of Information Needed For Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

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If you are shopping around for a new insurance policy, it is essential to know what information you need. For home insurance, you will need detailed information about yourself and the home to get accurate quotes. Square Footage First, they are going to want to know about the size of your home. You are going to want to provide the overall square footage of your home. If you have an outside patio or deck, let them know how large that is.

30 September 2021

5 Fundamental Reasons To Insure Your Car

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If you own a vehicle, you must have auto insurance. But do you know what auto insurance exactly is and why you need it? If you don't, this article will help you understand auto insurance and its benefits to car owners. What Is Auto Insurance? Auto insurance covers you against financial losses resulting from a vehicular accident or car theft. Insurance companies offer this type of insurance in exchange for regular payment of predetermined premiums.

27 August 2021

Six Things You Should Do Before Buying A Homeowners Insurance Policy

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Having homeowners insurance is an important part of buying property. Homeowners insurance pays for any damage to your property so that you don't lose everything you've invested into it if an accident occurs. You need to make sure you prepare properly for selecting a homeowners insurance policy so that you get the policy that best meets your needs. The following are six things you should do before buying a homeowners insurance policy:

3 December 2019

Three Concerns You Might Have When It Comes To Sr22 Insurance

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There are numerous different types of auto insurance that drivers can opt to carry. However, it is a frequent requirement for some drivers to carry sr22 insurance. This type of insurance is often mandated by the courts when a person has shown a history of not carrying insurance or they pose a higher risk of causing an accident. When you have been ordered to purchase this type of insurance, you will likely want several simple questions addressed so that you can be better prepared.

27 February 2017

Picking Up The Pieces: Homeowner's Insurance Covers More Than Your HOA Insurance

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Have you just bought a house, condo, or co-op unit that is overseen by a board or HOA? If so, you know that you need to get homeowner's insurance. However, your HOA or co-op board may also have insurance that covers your property to some extent, and that can often make homeowner's insurance seem unnecessary -- but it's not. Your own homeowner's insurance is likely going to offer more comprehensive coverage than what the HOA or co-op has.

25 January 2017

Need To Cut Costs On Car Insurance? 5 Ways To Do It

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While you may need auto insurance to drive your car, you probably don't want to be paying top dollar for it. When you have multiple drivers in your household, the costs can quickly add up. If you are looking to cut back on insurance premiums, these tips will help you do it. Select a Higher Deductible One big factor that determines your insurance premium costs is your deductible. The less you pay when you get into an accident and make a claim, the more you pay for your insurance premium.

14 October 2016

Things To Think About When Your Home Insurance Is Up For Renewal

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When many people receive their home insurance renewal information in the mail, they simply call their local agent, state that they wish to renew the policy and then sign the necessary paperwork. While you might occasionally be tempted to take this approach, it's in your best interest in put a little more thought into the renewal process. You're certainly welcome to discuss the various rate options with your agent, but it's also a good idea to think about any changes that you've made in the years since you last signed insurance paperwork — and how they might impact the current worth of your home.

7 October 2016

3 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Payment

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Are you overwhelmed with the cost of your auto insurance rate? If you are but want to keep the same coverage that you have while reducing your monthly cost, then there are definitely some features and benefits that you can take advantage of to start saving on your auto insurance. So, before you continue to pay high rates or put yourself at risk by reducing your coverage as a way to save, be sure to take advantage of the following:

28 September 2016